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Collectors of Original Artwork

Some stop, look, and appreciate

They examine and analyze 

   The colors, the contrast, the composition and the flow

   The mediums and techniques

   The subjects and stories

They understand the passion and the diligence

   To display something so personal and unique

   To subject oneself to judgement, and pouring out of soul

   To capture an essence with raw style and truth

They admire, compliment, and encourage,   

They observe,  discuss, and offer opinion

They bond with the artist and  share her most valued possession

Don and Joe Ellen Taylor

Jim and Robyn Dubinsky

Karen Novak

Elizabeth Rucker

Bethany Elmore

Pamela Ray

Wayne and Beth Howell

Deb Schug

Harvey Barker and Duffy Ferguson

Tracy Wills

Myra Blanco and Mark Golusky

Darrell Robinson

Tori McPherson Bevin

Julie Willard

Graciela Santo Pietro

Nikki Pynn

Sally Paulson

Julie Dunsmore

Walt Peery

Ted Smuzs

Lynn Schmitt

Missy and Tom Barnhardt

Edna Malone

Alisa Colpitts

Lisa Malchi

Dale Robinson

Pat Henner

Kathy Kelly

Margy Saunders

Other unknowns and anonymous supporters

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